Follow Up

Tracking success

You should have a plan for measuring how successful your campaign was. TextIt offers basic analytics, and you should also keep your own records.

Are you using text messages for the first time, or starting a new type of campaign? A good way to measure your impact is through control groups. Identify your target recipients and split them into two groups, a test and a control. Send messages only to the test group. After the appointment time frame or event, check to see what percentage of each group came in. The larger your groups are, the more accurate your results will be.

The replies you receive to your texts, either by people texting or calling you, can also give you insight into the success of your campaign. Did people thank you? Did they ask follow up questions? Track that and use it to help improve the messaging for next time.

You can also get useful data by speaking to your recipients. For example, you might advertise a health fair in multiple ways, including text messages. You can ask attendees how they heard about the event, and tally their answers.

Removing wrong numbers

If you send messages to outdated phone numbers, the new owners may reply letting you know. You can use this information to update your contact lists by removing these outdated phone numbers.