Design for a careers microsite. This site has two distinct goals. I needed to list content, but also sell it to visitors. The visual design gives the impression of an energetic, modern, and global business. I filled it with bright graphics keep the page from being too text heavy. Job listings are interspersed with information about benefits and company vision.

A large number of listings targeting a wide variety of job seekers necessitated multiple forms of navigation. I gave users the option to filter by department or location, or simply scan all the openings. This meets the needs of applicants looking for a specific job, as well as users looking for general information. Featured listings are highlighted, allowing HR to boost the profile of certain opportunities.

Profiles of employees bring in a human touch, while showing applicants that upward mobility is possible.

Desktop version of careers site

Responsive design reaches the user wherever they are. The site was designed mobile first. These wireframes show how the site responds to different viewports.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile version of site