Nurse with piles of paperwork

Form Redesign

Forms are a major point of interaction between clients and the Kansas City, MO Health Department. A redesign of the clinic’s intake paperwork represented a huge opportunity to save time, reduce errors, and improve service delivery.

I started with an audit of the current paperwork. The system in place involved forms created by different entities, leading to a fragmented experience. I found lots of repetition. Patients were being asked the same questions over and over again. There was also conflicting information, and a different visual style from form to form.

I collected the intake forms and tallied how many times each question was asked.

I used this data, as well as information gathered through observing and interviewing staff and clients.

I completed a total redesign of the four main intake forms, as well as creating a new form for the text message outreach program. The new forms feature condensed questions and simplified language. I also created a consistent, easy to read visual design system.

Designs for paper forms

Mockups for online intake forms

Forms forever

This project kicked off an enduring interest in form design. At its root, the purpose of design is to help people understand information. I usually approach this from a visual or interactive standpoint, but language is also a huge component. I love to transform complex ideas and bureaucratic language into simple, natural writing. Pairing this with beautiful, easy to use inputs can make a huge difference in how people interact with institutions. Forms!